Kati Sol

KATI has been a busy performer this past month, bringing her captivating jazz sound to a number of venues around the Washington D.C. Metro area. From the elegant L’Auberge Chez Francois to the charming 3 Creeks Winery, KATI’s performances have delighted audiences with her smooth and sultry vocals. In addition to her public performances, KATI has also entertained at private events and at Silver Strings, where she has been a regular performer for some time. Her ability to create a warm and intimate atmosphere has made her a favorite among guests and event organizers alike. She has also been hard at work in the studio, putting the finishing touches on her upcoming album, which is set to be released in April. Fans can look forward to hearing KATI’s unique take on classic jazz standards, as well as some exciting original compositions. With her busy schedule and dedication to her craft, KATI is sure to continue to impress audiences with her stunning performances and soulful sound. Fans and newcomers alike should stay tuned for her upcoming album, which promises to be a standout release in the world of jazz music.

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